1) Knob & Tube Wiring Replacement

Many of the homes in this area contain knob and tube wiring.  Knob and tube was the first wiring system used in homes.  In recent years, most insurance companies have stopped writing homeowner’s policies or have charged very high premiums for homes containing knob and tube.  We’ve rewired dozens of homes already and hope to do many more.  The common fear that most people have is that we will come in and start smashing holes in your plaster to install new wiring.  That will not happen.  We take our time and fish the wires inside the walls.  Plaster repairs are almost always minimal.  Referrals from past rewire customers are available.

2) Rewiring & Repair Of Light Fixtures

If you have an old light fixture in need of repair or rewiring, we now provide that service.  All work is done at our shop.  If the light fixture is currently in use at your home, one of our electricians can remove it and install temporary lighting if necessary.  After the light fixture has been repaired, an appointment will be made to reinstall it.  Ask us about ceiling medallions for chandeliers.

3) Service Man Available For Small Jobs & Repairs

Until now, all of our electricians have worked in pairs.  However, we often receive calls for minor work and repairs.  Rather than turn down the work we’ve decided to have a repairman for these purposes.